Public Notices

Public Notices are official government documents that are published to alert citizens and stakeholders of pending government actions and decisions. Public notices allow for anyone to become informed and involved in pending actions to which they have an interest in or may be affected by. State law and the Arlington Municipal Code also require that the public is notified when certain actions are taken by the City such as amendments and updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and land-use regulations (Title 20 a.m.C), annexations, hearings, etc.

Communication Methods

Public notification is provided through a number of different means. The most common is through publication in the “legals” section of the local newspaper (The Everett Herald). Notice is also posted at City Hall, the two local post offices (Downtown Arlington and Smokey Point), and the city library. If the action is associated with certain land-use permit applications, notice is also posted on the subject property and notice is mailed via USPS to property owners within 500 feet of the subject property. Notification is also sent to other governing jurisdictions and special districts as required. Depending on the specific notification requirements for the given action, notice is typically published 7 to 15 days before the date of scheduled action.

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