Cascade Industrial Center

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A long-term joint effort by the cities of Marysville and Arlington, the Cascade Industrial Center (CIC) received its official designation as a Manufacturing and Industrial Center by the Puget Sound Regional Council in 2019. The CIC includes just over 4,000 acres of manufacturing and industrial zoned land with more than 1,700 developable acres.

As Snohomish County’s Hub for Manufacturing Innovation, the CIC supports a wide range of mechanized and technology-driven industries due to its distinctive and abundantly qualified advanced manufacturing workforce, smart manufacturing practices, and access to emerging platform technologies offered via a concentration of mechanical engineering, instrumentation and fabrication experts. We expect to add 20,000 more family-wage jobs in the CIC over the next decade, helping residents work close to home and boosting our local economy.

Assets and Advantages

Companies locating in the CIC enjoy competitive advantages provided by generous manufacturing tax incentives, a predictable and efficient permitting process, an industry-friendly climate, and convenient access to multi-modal transportation options including the BNSF mainline, municipal airport and an international deep-water seaport.

  • Tax incentives include:
  • City and county property tax exemption for eligible businesses
  • No city B&O tax for qualifying industries
  • Reduced state B&O tax for qualifying industries
  • Opportunity Zones


The cities of Arlington and Marysville jointly funded a market study for the Arlington Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center (AMMIC), now referred to as the Cascade Industrial Center (CIC), which was completed in August 2016.

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