CIty Projects

The City Projects page is a communication tool to work together with our community in the design and implementation of city projects that enhances the quality of life and promotes economic development in the Arlington area. If you would like to post a comment or question concerning a City Project you may use the following methods:

2019 Projects

The 2019 Project Improvements include projects at multiple locations in Arlington. These projects are now underway. The benefits of these projects includes the upgrading of utilities to improve service and support new development; improving highways, arterials and neighborhood streets; addressing safety issues; and adding new amenities to local parks.

2019 Projects

Map showing where utility and pavement will be replaced in Arlington in 2019

Project Funding


  • Utility payments from City utility customers
  • Growth impact fees


  • Connecting Washington Transportation Funding package (approved 2015)
  • Transportation Improvement Board grant (approved 2019)
  • BNSF Railway / Highway Crossing Grant (approved 2018)
  • Arlington Transportation Benefit District sales tax
  • Growth impact fees


  • Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office Grant
  • Real Estate Excise taxes
  • Snohomish County
  • Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians
  • Rotary Club of Arlington

Project Maps

In Process / Planning / Design Stages