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The City Projects page is a communication tool to work together with our community in the design and implementation of city projects that enhances the quality of life and promotes economic development in the Arlington area. If you would like to post a comment or question concerning a City Project you may use the following methods:

2018 Public Works Projects

The 2018 Public Works Project Improvements include projects at various locations in Arlington. These projects are now underway. The benefits of these projects include the upgrade of utilities to improve service and support new development, the improvement of roadways that lead to businesses and local neighborhoods, adding new capacity for new businesses, and adding new amenities to local parks. The projects are funded by utility payments from City utility customers, Arlington Transportation Benefit District sales tax, state and federal grants.

  • 2018 projectsHaller Park Splash Pad: Construction of a splash pad and other associated improvements in Haller Park. The work will cause a partial closure of Haller Park. The project was awarded to Reece Construction. Reece expects to begin construction in Fall 2018 and complete no later than March 31, 2019.
  • Utility Upgrades: Approximately 1.12 miles of new water main and miscellaneous sewer improvements will be installed in roadways in the north end of Arlington
  • Roadway Repaving: Approximately 1.38 miles of roadway will be resurfaced in the north end of Arlington
  • Manhole Cover and Valve Adjustments: Water valves, sewer, and stormwater manholes covers across Arlington will be adjusted to better match the grade of the surrounding roadway.
  • Arlington Valley Road: The City is installing a new road that will provide a full connection between 67th Avenue NE and 204th Street NE. The new roadway will provided needed access to manufacturing and industrial properties in the Arlington-Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center.
  • SR-530 Repaving: WSDOT is repaving SR-530 from Interstate 5 to SR-9. This will be night-time work to minimize impacts.

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