Water & Sewer Emergencies

Report a Water Emergency

For emergencies such as leaky water meters, no water, broken pipes, or flooding of residential streets or businesses, reconnection of water service for medical emergencies, or alarms at city utility facilities, please contact the Water Emergency Line at 360-403-3556.

Report a Sewer Emergency

If you have a sewer related emergency, broken pipes, leaky sewer main, have a clogged side sewer, or notice wastewater seeping from a manhole, utility or natural resources code violations such as stealing water from hydrants and discharging wastes to sewer manholes please contact the Sewer Emergency line at 360-913-1398.

Disposal of Fats, Oils & Grease

The disposal of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) into sanitary sewer lines is a major contributor to the clogging of the sanitary sewer system. Most FOG does not mix well with water and floats on top of the water clinging to the top of the sewer lines. Then when subsequent FOG flows down a line it will eventually clog. Even a small amount of FOG in drains can cause a serious and expensive plumbing blockage and may cause an overflow in your home or our community. 

In addition to the damage FOG may cause to the sanitary sewer lines, it is a primary source of sewer odors, both inside a building and from a sewer line in the street. Fats, oils, and grease should not be disposed of in a sink, including those outfitted with a garbage disposal, or a lavatory. FOG should be disposed of properly by placing it into a container and throwing it out in the garbage container for pickup.