Geographic Information Systems

About GIS

Arlington's GIS staff is responsible for the City's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which contains the City's geospatial data - location data with associated information.  GIS provides citizens and City staff quality spatial products and analysis while maintaining and improving the City's asset management program. 


The Arlington GIS vision is to provide quality data, data analysis and data products to best serve the Arlington citizens and City staff.  GIS objectives are:

  • Continuing maintenance and QA/QC of City's GIS and asset management data 
  • Bring high quality and useful products to citizens and staff
  • Use current technology that is safe, secure, and user friendly 
  • Continuing education of GIS staff to increase return on investment ( i.e. best use of taxpayer's money)

For Arlington's interactive maps, GIS data and PDF library, please see the "Maps & Data" link of the left.


GIS won the National CartêGraph CONNECT Award for Management Accountability in October 2010.

National CarteGraph CONNECT Award