What We Do

The Transportation Department is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of projects from the Capital Facilities Element as funded in the annual budget. This involves the design and construction management of city, state or federally funded capital improvement projects for the city’s transportation needs.

Transportation Benefit Program

The Transportation Benefit Program uses a separate sales tax dedicated funding for improving, providing, and funding pavement improvement projects within the City limits of Arlington.

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Transportation 2035 Plan - Updated October 4, 2017

The City of Arlington’s Transportation 2035 Plan establishes a vision for the future of the City’s transportation network. It defines the modes, routes, traffic patterns, and service levels of the various roads, trails, and other transportation facilities across the City. In order to be consistent with the City’s current Growth Management Act (GMA) Comprehensive Plan, it utilizes a base year of 2015 and a 20 year planning horizon of 2035. The Transportation 2035 Plan is intended to be updated annually or as needed to assure the City stays on track and realizes its future transportation goals.

The Transportation 2035 Plan (2017 Update) also maintains consistency with the 2017 amendment of the City’s GMA Comprehensive Plan. One of the biggest changes in these plans is the cancellation of any plans the City formerly held for UGA expansion west of I-5 at this time. The Transportation 2035 Plan was adopted be adopted by City Council in October 2017. Please call 360-403-3526 for assistance if you have trouble accessing these files, or if you have any questions or comments about the City’s transportation network.