Arlington Cemetery

The Arlington Municipal Cemetery was formally plotted as "Harwood Cemetery" in 1903 and operated by a non-profit association. Adjoining property was purchased over the years and the Cemetery now encompasses 30 acres. The City of Arlington assumed ownership and operation in 1999. The Cemetery is self-supporting and does not rely on tax revenues for operation and maintenance.

A grave stone in the ground.

Hours of Operation for Visitation

The cemetery is open year round (365 days) for visitation. The grounds are open from 8 a.m. to dusk. The gates are locked at dusk. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Pets must be on a leash.


The grounds consist of thirty fenced and landscaped acres. Adult graves are located throughout the property. Babyland is reserved for infants. An urn garden is reserved for ground inurnments. Two niche walls are available for cremations.

Services Available

Vaults, other burial containers, memorial benches and trees, and customized memorial headstones are available for purchase.

Endowed Care

A percentage of all grave sales revenue is placed in an endowed care fund to ensure future care of the Cemetery. The Cemetery is actively maintained by full time office and grounds maintenance staff.

Pre Need Arrangements

Property and other items may be purchased in advance of need with a Certificate of Use issued to the purchaser.

Token of Grace Organization

Token of Grace is a non-profit organization that supports loved ones who need financial support to
 ensure they can provide a headstone timely for their loved ones. And they provide volunteer support for the 
Arlington Cemetery. https://tokenofgrace.org/

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