Arlington Police Department currently has two canines, Oso and Tara, who are drug detection dogs. Handlers are trained to work with their canine partners and provide for their care and feeding. Both the handlers and their dogs go through extensive training to ensure they are both prepared to handle the work conditions they face. Because of their work ethic and commitment to public safety, both the handlers and their police dogs are prepared to be on-call whenever their services are needed.

Benefits of a K-9 Officer

These K-9 police units provide many benefits to the community. They help prevent crime, keep communities safe, and add tremendous value to police departments. K-9 police units are critical to police work in small towns, where the number of sworn officers is small and the areas to be covered are very large. They are also important in strengthening the relationship between police departments and the community they are protecting. In the long term, K-9 police units are a wise investment for community police departments. They bring invaluable and much-needed assets to departments and are hardworking, even in challenging physical conditions. With their sniffers being 700 times more sensitive than a human's, they are crucial in locating illegal drugs that are hidden on persons, personal possessions, or vehicles.

Funding the Program

The start-up cost of introducing a K-9 police unit into a community is approximately $15,000, while costs are relatively low to maintain. The average work life of a K-9 police unit is between 8 to 9 years.

Arlington’s K-9 program is currently funded entirely through community support, donations and partnerships. Your contribution to support Arlington's K-9 program is greatly appreciated. Donations can be made online, in person at the Arlington Police Department during business hours, or visit one of our listed community partners and contribute to Pennies for Puppies.

Snohomish County K-9 Foundation

The Snohomish County K9 Foundation supports the efforts of our K9 officers through community outreach, continuing education, and program assistance. Funds raised through our 501(c) organization go directly to support these initiatives. See less

Snohomish County K9 Association is an independent 501(c)3 organization. The Foundation is not connected to law enforcement agencies in Snohomish County.

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Photo Gallery

View images of our current and past K-9 officers in our photo gallery