Crime Prevention

A police employee can present a variety of information and programs to the business community, neighborhoods and to citizens on how to prevent being a crime victim.

The Radar Trailer

The Radar Trailer is available to City of Arlington residents to monitor traffic speeds in their neighborhood. Please call 360-403-3400 for more information. Request the Radar Trailer for your neighborhood by emailing the police department

What Are the Police Doing to Reduce Crime, Drug Activity & Vehicle Thefts or Prowls?

We are partnering with the community, providing education about the prevention of these crimes, accepting the information to track and attack the locations where these crimes are occurring; and identifying persons committing them. We welcome any information via 911, call to the non-emergency line 425-407-3999, or in person. We may not be able to use the information received through social media. Please be sure to follow up with us with an email or phone call.