Get Started

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your neighbors! Forming a Block Watch is both challenging and rewarding. Consider the size of the Block Watch. The program works best when kept small, generally 10 to 12 homes, with no more than 20 homes facing each other.


Geographic boundaries, such as cul-de-sacs or cross streets, can aid in determining the size and configuration. The arrangement makes it easier for the group to gather for meetings and establish a smaller area of responsibility. Talk to a few of your closest neighbors and ask them to participate in a Block Watch. Go door to door and introduce yourselves.

Creating a Watch

To encourage others to join:

  • Tell them about recent concerns in your neighborhood, prompting the need for a Block Watch.
  • Ask which evenings they’re available for meetings.
  • Get acquainted on a first-name basis, exchange phone numbers and tell your neighbors you’ll notify them when a meeting is scheduled.

Once you determine which evening works best, contact the Police Department at 360-403-3400 to invite police to attend your neighborhood meeting. Typically, two weeks notice is needed to schedule.