The Airport Today

Currently, the airport is host to several businesses making significant contributions to the aviation industry. Some activities include:

  • Aircraft Cover Manufacturing
  • Aircraft Upholstery
  • Emergency Parachute Manufacturing
  • Flight Instruction
  • Historic and Decommissioned Aircraft Restoration
  • Kit Plane and Sailplane Sales/Manufacturing

Every year in July the airport is host to one of the northwest's largest fly-ins. The airport is home to corporate, vintage aircraft, piston aircraft, helicopters, gliders, and ultralights.

Master Plan Updates

The City continues to support general aviation through planning and development. During the 1995 Master Plan update, the City planned and developed the airport specifically for general aviation use. Items specific to general aviation included in the past Master Plan Updates are additional T-hangars and a 100 by 1,000 feet (50 feet pavement / 50 feet turf) ultralight runway.