The Airport After the Air Station

The Airport rapidly assumed its caretaker status being used primarily as an emergency landing field for NAS Whidbey. Military personnel were reduced to less than 200, which at one time was around 600. 

Commercial & Civilian Flying

In December 1946 the Town of Arlington received an interim use permit to operate the station for commercial and civilian flying. Almost immediately after receiving the permit, the Town leased (in February 1947) the flying facilities, hangars, and shops to Wesley Loback, then manager of Snohomish Airport, who operated an accredited flying school, Arlington Aeronautical School of Flight and Engineering.

It wasn’t until 25 February 1959 when the General Services Administration declared the airport surplus property and officially gave the airport to the City through a quitclaim deed.

Drag Racing

Drag racing began on the airport in 1953. Dragsters initially used the north-south and northeast-southwest runways and connecting taxiways, but in 1964 the FAA prohibited racing activities on the north-south runway. Racing continued on the northeast-southwest runway until 1969.

Old Airport