You can donate to various causes to help make a difference in  Arlington. The city collects and manages the donation accounts below.

Arlington Police Department K9 Program - The City of Arlington would like to give citizens the opportunity to assist in supporting the Arlington Police Department K9 Program. Arlington Police Department currently has two canines, Oso and Tara. Oso is a dual purpose dog, meaning he can both detect drugs and track people. Tara is a drug detection dog. Handlers are trained to work with their canine partners and provide for their care and feeding. Both the handlers and their dogs go through extensive training to ensure they are both prepared to handle the work conditions they face. Because of their work ethic and commitment to public safety, both the handlers and their police dogs are prepared to be on-call whenever their services are needed.Arlington’s K-9 program is currently funded entirely through community support, donations and partnerships. Check out more information on our K9 program here.

Social Services Flex Fund - A fund dedicated to allow access to funds for our fire and police departments to provide for immediate basic needs to individuals who are addicted to opiates. Use of the fund is specifically designed to fill the gap of time (typically 2 to 3 days) between when the individual makes the decision to stop the addiction to when the individual can be connected to services.

Wipe-out Graffiti - is a local group of citizen volunteers that work with the City of Arlington and is dedicated to wiping out graffiti anywhere it is located. The group's motto is, "Taking back our city; one wall, one fence, one tag at a time." They volunteer their time and labor to anyone within the city that can't remove the graffiti themselves.  Paint and supplies are provided by the city, property owners, businesses, or donated by the community. Check out Wipeout Graffiti's Facebook page for more information or to volunteer here.

Parks and Recreation Donation Program - The City of Arlington would like to give citizens the opportunity to assist in enhancing our parks, open spaces and recreational opportunities.  In return, the citizens have the opportunity to recognize a person or organization with their donation.  Please email Sarah Lopez, the donation program manage or call 360-403-3448 for more information,.