Social Services Flex Fund

The City of Arlington Social Services Flex Fund was established to allow access to funds for the police department to provide for immediate basic needs to individuals who are addicted to opiates. Use of the fund is specifically designed to fill the gap of time (typically 2 to 3 days) between when the individual makes the decision to stop the addiction to when the individual can be connected to services. Specific uses of this fund are limited to the following:

  • Ground or air transportation to rehabilitation facility
  • Hotel stay for the individual awaiting housing, detox or other services
  • A meal or groceries
  • To help clean clothes at the laundromat
  • Hygiene such as a haircut and/or shower
  • To provide incidentals while in transition to treatment such as shoes, clothes, bedding, toiletries
  • Background checks to meet treatment and or housing requirements
  • To procure identification
  • Eyeglasses or other medical items that are needed for participation in treatment
  • Tuition and or deposits for treatment or housing services
  • Any miscellaneous items not directly specified can be approved by the Chief of Police on a case by case basis as long as the purchase(s) meets the intent of the City's policy.


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