Street Maintenance

Maintenance Request

The Street Department is responsible for keeping street pavement clean and in good repair. The staff sweeps streets, removes snow and ice, repairs potholes, and takes care of minor asphalt and concrete paving jobs. The Department monitors the performance of City streets and establishes multi-year repaving priorities. The Department also performs the following miscellaneous tasks:

  • Ditch, culvert and water retention system cleaning and repair
  • Noxious weeds
  • Potholes
  • Road Closures: Emergency, Weight Restricted, and Seasonal
  • Road-shoulder maintenance and vegetation control
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Small day labor construction projects
  • Sub-grade repair, patching, maintenance paving and chip sealing
  • Traffic control device installation and maintenance such as signs, striping, crosswalks, and arrows
  • Water over roadway
Street Repair

Street Sweeping

The goal is to sweep each route every other month during the first full week of the month and to sweep Olympic Avenue every Friday morning. The schedule however is subject to change if higher priority projects or if emergencies come up, which does occur. Beginning in November, the sweeper may operate every day or as needed to keep up with the falling leaves. Try using the City's custom web application. Zoom in to see the routes. Select routes to get information and swipe the bottom border to see the weekly schedule.

If you would like a full screen version of the map, click here.

Report Problems

Report a concern regarding the following issues: 

  • Damaged or Missing Street Signs
  • Hazardous Road Conditions
  • Potholes
  • Sidewalk Problems
  • Traffic Signal Problems

Report Burned-Out Street Lights

If you see street lights with broken bulbs, or other problems, please call the PUD Customer Service Department at 425-783-1000 to report the location of the malfunctioning lights. Or you may use the Contact Us on their website