City Ordinances and Resolutions


The Arlington Municipal Code is a continuously evolving document made up of Ordinances adopted by the City Council. These Ordinances set standards to maintain safety and quality of life in Arlington.

Ordinances make up the local laws of the city. An Ordinance is a legislative act prescribing general rules of organization or conduct relating to the corporate affairs of the municipality. City Council action shall be taken by Ordinance when required by law, or where prescribed conduct may be enforced by penalty. Once an Ordinance is adopted by the City Council, it is sent for code publishing to become a part of the Arlington Municipal Code.

Arlington Municipal Code

Ordinances (2010 - Present)

Washington State Archives - Digital Archives

 City of Arlington - Ordinances (1903 - 2009)


Resolutions are administrative acts, which are formal statements of policy concerning matters of special or temporary character. Resolutions are often limited to expressions of opinion. Resolutions are not codified.

Washington State Archives - Digital Archives

City of Arlington - Resolutions (1911 - 2009)