snohomish county 911 Non-Emergency Phone Number

Snohomish County 911 Non-Emergency Phone Number is 425-407-3999.

Dial 911 For Emergencies Only

From an early age Americans are taught to dial 911 in an emergency, it’s fast and easy to remember and is dialed almost 2,000 times every day in Snohomish County. While calling 911 is a convenient way to reach the Sheriff, Police, Fire or EMS the true national standard for 911 is to reserve it for emergencies. As the county has grown, the approach of having everyone call 911 for emergencies and non-emergencies alike is no longer tenable. 

Those without emergencies are calling 911 and during any busy period we know those with true emergencies can potentially have their calls delayed because the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) have to answer every call in order to determine if a caller has an emergency. Delays in public safety service delivery are always something to avoid.

Non-Emergency Line 425-407-3999

In an effort to better serve our community and to align the county with the national standard, Snohomish County 911 has implemented a non-emergency numbers The non-emergency line will continue to be answered by dispatchers at Snohomish County 911, by the same staff, but configured so that 911 calls are answered first.