Tips for Disabled Persons

For Persons Using a Wheelchair

  • Discuss lifting or carrying techniques necessary to get down stairs. There may be instances where wheelchair users will need to leave their chairs behind in order to evacuate safely.

For Persons who are Blind or Visually Impaired

  • Put an extra collapsible cane by the bed. Attach a whistle to the cane to use to attract attention. After an earthquake, items may fall and block paths that are normally unobstructed.
  • Guide dogs or working dogs may also be disoriented after a big disaster.

For Persons who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

  • Consider storing hearing aids in a container attached to your night stand or bed post, so you can quickly locate them after a disaster.
  • Keep an extra hearing aid and batteries with emergency supplies.

For Persons who use Life-Support Systems

  • Secure all vital equipment.
  • Maintain a current list of alternate providers or vendors.
  • Consider an alternate power source, such as a generator.
  • Know how to use oxygen safely in an emergency.
  • Regularly test backup power supply.
  • Register with utility company for priority power restoration.