Completed Projects

2020 Airport Improvements Project

The 2020 Airport Improvement Projects involve the following: Rwy 16/34 Lighting Project (removal of non LED existing runway lights and signs. Installation of runway LED lights and signs), Taxiway Bravo Lighting Project (installation of LED taxiway lights on a non-lit taxiway), and a Taxiway Bravo Overlay Project.

2019 Airport Administration Building Generator Project

Installation and construction of a backup generator for the Airport Administration Building.

2019 Rwy 11/29 Rehabilitation Project

The 2019 Rwy 11/29 Rehabilitation Project involved an overlay of the runway as the pavement far surpassed its 20 year life span.

2019 Airport Fencing Project

Removal and installation of an automatic vehicle gate at the South 59th Street vehicle gate location.

2018 Taxiway Charlie Lighting & Signing Project

The project involved installing LED taxiway edge lighting and signs along taxiway Charlie on the west side of the field.

2018 Compass Rose Recalibration

The project involved a re-certification of the compass rose in 2018. The 100 foot circle is painted on the apron of Taxiway Echo near Runway 11/29. Contact the airport office for documentation.

2018 Seal Coat Project

The Seal Coat Project involved crack sealing and seal coating Rwy 16/34, Taxiway Alpha, and hangar taxilanes. The project also included pavement maintenance on Taxiway Bravo.

2018 Pavement Improvements Project

This project involved repairing, replacing and/or upgrading several taxilanes at the south end of the airport in and around hangars. The project also addressed potholes, asphalt deterioration, cut out sections, and new access for many businesses located around the airport.

2018 Airport Fencing and Gate Project

Installation of security fencing between airport businesses and installation of an automated vehicle gate in between hangars.

2017 East Ramp Hydroblasting and Paint Removal Project

The project involves hydroblasting the east ramp, removing sections of paint, and prepping the remaining paint for restriping.

2017 188th & Airport Boulevard Sign Project

The project involved the fabrication and installation of a one side Airport Business Park sign.

2016 to 2017 Taxiway Charlie Lighting & Signing Improvements Project - Design

The project involved designing a taxiway edge lighting and signing system to be installed along taxiway Charlie on the west side of the field.

2016 Airport Beacon Painting Project

The project involved removing the existing paint and repainting the entire beacon structure.

2016 Airport Office Parking Lot Paving Project

The airport office parking lot was repaved this summer after new subbase was laid. New curbing was installed as well as a new ADA compatible parking space with a ramp to the grass picnic area.

2016 Airfield Striping

Runway 16-34 was striped by the County in June as well as the following Taxiways: Alpha, Charlie, and Delta.

2016 Airport Hangar Gutter Replacement Project

In February work was completed to remove and replace gutters on the following city owned hangars: C, D, E, G, H, and J.

2015 Glider Operating Improvements

Improvements were made to the glider operating area between A2 and A3 in October. These improvements included grading, seeding, and rolling the area for smoother and safer glider operations.

2015 Airport Pavement Maintenance Project

The west ramp and taxi lane north of Taxiway Alpha were fog sealed and re-striped in September. 50% of the project was funded by a WSDOT grant.

2015 Airport Beacon Replacement Project

The airport's rotating beacon underwent improvements to its tower and a new beacon was successfully installed in June. Staff has received compliments from pilots on the improved visibility of the new beacon.

2015 Crack Sealing & Striping Projects

Runway 16-34 and multiple taxiways were crack sealed to extend the pavement's useful life. Runway 11-29 was re-striped in July.

2015 Compass Rose Re-Certification

The airport had the compass rose re-certified in March 2015. The 100 foot circle is painted on the apron of Taxiway East near runway 11-29. Contact the airport office for documentation.

Taxiway Alpha Lighting

This project involved installing taxiway lighting and lighted signs along the entire length of taxiway alpha. Taxiway alpha is the primary taxiway for the airport serving the main runway 16-34 and the east flight line area. The project also included replacing the existing lighted hold signs on taxiway alpha and constructing taxiway fillets along the connectors if adequate FAA funding is available.

Airfield Lighting Backup Generator

The project entailed the installation of a backup generator to support current and future airport lighting in case of a power outage. The FAA, WSDOT Aviation and the Airport funded the project

Airport Boulevard

The project will included a new three lane commercial road to provide a connection between 188th Street and 172nd Street, as well as serve as a collector arterial to the proposed Arlington Airport Business Park.

Airport Office Expansion

The airport office expansion involved adding onto the existing office to include offices for WSDOT Aviation Division, adding a community room and additional airport offices. A portion of the existing office was remodeled to include a pilot information lounge and weather center. The past office footprint of 1,389 square feet was increased to about 7,839 square feet (6,450 plus 1,389).

Airfield Lighting - Ramp 7 Hangar Areas

Elcon Associates, a lighting engineer company, was hired to design a lighting plan for the south hangar area and ramps. Elcon has provided the airport with construction ready drawings and bid documents to light the west ramp, east ramp and city hangar areas.

2009 Airport Appraisal

The airport property was re-appraised in 2009. This appraisal is an FAA requirement and will be used to set the land lease rates for the next five years, 2010-2014. Former land rental rates were (without leasehold tax): 

  • Aviation land - $0.22
  • Commercial - $0.73
  • Industrial - $0.25
  • T-hangar - $0.20 per square foot per year

Airport Master Plan Update Completion in 2012

Barnard Dunkelberg and Company was hired to provide Airport Master Planning services to the airport. The master plan update shapes the future of the airport in providing the Airport Office with guidance in infrastructure improvements and land development. The goal of the master plan update is to provide the framework needed to guide future airport development that will cost-effectively satisfy the aviation demand, while considering potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts. To view the working papers contact the Airport Office.

Compass Rose Re-Certification

The airport's compass rose certification expired March 2012. The airport had the compass rose re-certified in April 2012. The 100 foot circle is painted on the apron of Taxiway East near 11-29. Contact the airport office for documentation.