Art Show, Poetry & Photo Contest

2021 Notice:

No indoor art show this year.
Eagle Photo Contest will be online.

Eagle Photo Contest

Photos submitted for the photo contest will be featured on the City and Arlington Art Council social media. 

Eagle photo first place $200.
Last day to enter is February 4.
Email photo to or message Arlington Arts Council Facebook page:

Along with cash prize, the winning eagle photo may be displayed on the City’s website, featured in the City newsletter, on the promotions for the Eagle Festival, and may be used in other ways to promote the City and future Eagle Festivals.

2020 winning photo- Garvin Carrell

2020 eagle photo winner Garvin Carrell

Haiku Poetry Contest

Enter here.

The Nature Haiku Poetry Contest is presented by Arlington Arts Council.  
Prizes are $25 for first place in in three age categories first place (ages 6-9, ages 10-15, ages 16 & up).
Contest ends January 31, 2021 at midnight. 

The Nature Haiku contest is open to Snohomish County residents. Haiku poets are challenged to convey a vivid message in only 17 syllables. The format of the haiku should be the traditional non-rhyming three line poem of 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, 5 syllables in the third line, and have no punctuation. The theme of the poem should be connected to nature. You may submit a maximum of two haiku, each on its own entry form. 

Enter Online or by mail to: City of Arlington, Recreation, 238 N Olympic Ave, Arlington, WA 98223, or place in utility payment box on outside of City Hall, 238 N Olympic Avenue.

2020 Haiku Winners

1st place kindergarten -5th grade

composting is cool

big earthworms slither around

old food makes new dirt

-Sophia H


2nd place kindergarten -5th grade

Eagles flying high

Soaring through the stratus clouds

Dancing in the wind

-Logan Graupmann


3rd place kindergarten -5th grade

rain pouring down hard

robin jay junco and thrush

greedily eat seed

-David Richardson


1st place  6th grade – 12th grade

flying through the sky

eagles strong and powerful

represent this place

-Adam Farnes


2nd place 6th grade-12th grade


Flowers are blooming

Daisies, tulips, daffodils

Bright and beautiful.

-Molly Farnes


3rd place 6th grade-12th grade

among the trees hides

legend, lore, myth, you decide

shadow emerge, gone

-Carl Richardson




Past Winning Eagle Photos

1st place adult

on tilted wing her

aeronautic moves announce

bald is beautiful

-Michael Hofferbert


2nd place adult

Air so crisp and chill

Crunching whiteness under foot

Icicles hanging

-Jeanine Nichols


3rd place adult

Geese in formation

Gliding down to search for food,

Fields covered in white

-Karen Lyons

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