Does the firefighters' union support the RFA?

The members of IAFF Local 3728, Arlington City Professional Firefighters, provide our earnest endorsement for asking the voters of Arlington to support a merger between Arlington City and the North County Regional Fire Authority.

All of our members are proud to work for the City of Arlington and appreciate the support that we have been shown by the city council. Joining the fire authority would allow for a more stable funding model and the ability to better serve the citizens of Arlington. Joining the two entities would allow for a more focused approach to fire and EMS services for both the city and the fire authority while eliminating redundancies.

Our members value the relationship that we have with our customers and assure you that we will continue that relationship. We look at the merger as an opportunity to share with others all the things that make working in Arlington a privilege. You can rest assured we will continue all of the community-oriented events that our city loves, as we take great pride in giving back to the citizens who support us.

We do not take this endorsement of a merger lightly. Our members have spent a significant amount of time weighing other options and see this merger as an opportunity to ensure adequate fire and EMS services to the community for the long-term. We ask that you vote yes to place the merger vote on the ballot

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1. What is a Regional Fire Authority (RFA)?
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12. Does the firefighters' union support the RFA?
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