Why is the City of Arlington considering annexing into the NCRFA?

Arlington’s elected leaders and staff are exploring annexation with the leadership of the NCRFA for several reasons.  First, it is anticipated that annexation would ensure better future funding stability for fire and emergency services in the City.  Second, Annexation would enable additional efficiencies and service level improvements in delivery of fire and EMS services across both the NCRFA and the City. There are many ways in which the current partnership could be expanded if annexation occurred. Third, annexation would relieve some of the severe pressure on the City’s General Fund which supports a broad range of important services now in addition to Fire & EMS, specifically, police, streets, courts and jail services, parks and administrative functions. Another reason that Arlington is considering annexation is to give City voters a choice about how to fund their fire and EMS services: through the current City General Fund and Ambulance Utility Fee, or through voter-approved RFA fire and EMS levies.

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1. What is a Regional Fire Authority (RFA)?
2. Who else has created a RFA?
3. How is a RFA created?
4. Can other cities or fire district’s join an existing RFA? What is the process?
5. Why is the City of Arlington considering annexing into the NCRFA?
6. How will fire and emergency medical services change if the City voters agree to annex into NCRFA?
7. What types of staffing and program partnerships exist today between Arlington and NCRFA?
8. When will the annexation proposal come before Arlington voters? When would the annexation take effect?
9. How much will it cost Arlington taxpayers to be part of the NCRFA?
10. How is NCRFA funded and how does this differ from the current funding for fire and emergency medical services in Arlington?
11. How will the City of Arlington be represented on the NCRFA governance board?
12. Does the firefighters' union support the RFA?
13. What happens if the RFA doesn’t pass?