What Can I Do To Prepare Now?
  1. Start small. Before you go to bed tonight, put a pair of sturdy shoes, a flashlight and a pair of heavy gloves under your bed. If an earthquake or other emergency hits while you are sleeping, you’ll be able to protect your feet and your hands when you go to check on those who depend on you. 
  2. Next, have every member in your family fill out an Out of Area Contact Card. List important phone numbers including a friend or relative that lives out of the area that everyone in the family can call to advise of their condition and their location. We’ve learned that even when phone service is out in an affected area, we often can call out to other areas hundreds of miles away. 
  3. Finally, prepare or update a Family Emergency Kit.

More Information

These are just a few small steps we all can take to make sure we are prepared for any emergency and the disaster does not become our own. For more information and to get your supply of out-of-area contact cards, please contact Paul Ellis.

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1. Why is being unprepared considered a disaster?
2. Why is being prepared such a big deal?
3. But I live and/or work in the city; won't the Fire Department, Police Department or someone in government take care of me?
4. How can I find out if I am unprepared?
5. How Do I Know How Serious It Will Be?
6. What Can I Do To Prepare Now?