How Do I Know How Serious It Will Be?

One prediction for our area is that there is an 85% chance of a major earthquake occurring during our lifetime. Washington State averages one Presidentially Declared disaster each year. We rank among the highest states in the nation for major, disruptive disasters. Most in recent years have been floods and windstorms but we in the greater Everett area are situated very near a major earthquake fault. The South Whidbey Fault runs through the tip of Whidbey Island and goes diagonally to the southeast and passes just south of downtown Everett. A moderate quake could cause significant damage.

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1. Why is being unprepared considered a disaster?
2. Why is being prepared such a big deal?
3. But I live and/or work in the city; won't the Fire Department, Police Department or someone in government take care of me?
4. How can I find out if I am unprepared?
5. How Do I Know How Serious It Will Be?
6. What Can I Do To Prepare Now?