What hangars are available?

The City owns and rents 78 individual T-Hangar units with electricity (5-amps of power), and 6 twin hangar units with electricity (5-amps of power). Approximately 290 private hangar units and 3 Condominium Associations are also available on the field.  

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1. What if I don’t need a hangar when one becomes available?
2. Can I build a kit plane in the hangar?
3. What is the average turnover rate for the waiting list?
4. How can I find out where I am on the waiting list?
5. What hangars are available?
6. Is the hangar agreement monthly, bi-annually, or annually?
7. How much is due when I sign the hangar agreement?
8. After seeing the hangar sizes and types, do I need to select one type of hangar?
9. Do I need to own an airplane to be on the waiting list?
10. Can I have a business in the hangar?
11. What can be stored in the hangar?
12. Can I share a hangar with somebody?
13. Why are there strict rules for having the aircraft registered in my name?