Is there another way to fund a Transportation Benefit Program?

With sales tax, both residents and visitors who purchase goods and services in Arlington pay to help fund street improvements.

The City Council dismissed the option of imposing vehicle license fees up to $50 without voter approval as an alternative to the sales tax. Tab fees are generally considered less equitable than a sales tax, given that only city residents would pay the extra car tab fees, and the sales tax is paid by everyone that uses Arlington’s roads, residents and visitors alike. This is more equitable, as this is the larger community that uses the roads and contributes to the need for more roads and the amount of maintenance and operation costs.

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1. What can the Transportation Benefit Program fund
2. How is the Transportation Benefit Program funded?
3. Why do we need to renew the Transportation Benefit Program now?
4. Who pays the Transportation Benefit Program tax?
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6. What has been completed since voters approved Transportation Benefit Program?
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8. Who gets to vote on the Transportation Benefit Program renewal?
9. Is there another way to fund a Transportation Benefit Program?
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13. Who do I contact if I have more questions?