So what projects will be completed at the end of the ten years?

The City recently completed a pavement analysis, which found that 72% of the City’s streets are in satisfactory or good condition. The study also revealed that 126 roads have segments that are in failing or near failing condition. While we have been very successful in getting federal and state grant dollars to rebuild local city streets, (like the Final Phase of 67th Avenue NE, Airport Boulevard, etc.), the grant dollars available are shrinking and the competition is getting tougher. Arlington will not receive the same amounts of grant dollars as it has over the last 5 years. Furthermore, Arlington will not meet the requirements for future grant funds if the city does not invest in the preservation of its streets.

The TBD Board has selected the 126 road segments throughout the City that are in failing or near failing condition to be repaired and improved over the next 10 years. To see which road segments have been selected for repair and improvement, view the current projects (PDF).

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1. What Is a Transportation Benefit District (TBD)?
2. Why does the city need a TBD now?
3. So what projects will be completed at the end of the ten years?
4. How are road preservation and repair projects selected?
5. How are projects funded?
6. Who gets to vote on the sales tax proposal?
7. How much will this cost me?
8. Why should I support the Transportation Benefit District?
9. Are TBD revenues required to be spent only on TBD projects?
10. Who do I contact if I have more questions?