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Centennial Trail

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Map of Centennial Trail, Published 2013 (PDF)

This 10-foot wide paved trail is enormously popular for walking, bicycling, hiking, and horseback riding and is accessible to persons of all levels of physical ability. The trail provides a safe alternative transportation route and currently connects Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Arlington, and points between. The linear park also serves as a conservation corridor protecting sensitive and important natural and cultural resources. Development of the trail began in 1989 during the state's centennial, hence the name, Centennial Trail. The trail now extends 23 miles. The trail is owned and operated by the Snohomish County, except where it passes through incorporated areas, such as the City of Arlington.

Trail Access

To access the Centennial Trail in Arlington, there are several options. Parking is available at Haller Park (1100 West Avenue), where you can either travel north across the Haller Trestle to Bryant, or south through downtown Arlington. Or park in historic downtown Arlington’s Legion Park (114 N Olympic Avenue) and see the artwork along the Centennial Trail 2downtown section of the trail. The trail continues south past 172nd Street (State Highway 531). There is a County trailhead located on 67th Avenue just north of 152nd Street (15333 67th Avenue NE, Arlington).

Rules & Regulations

Horses are not permitted on the trail through the city limits of Arlington (Haller Park Bridge to 172nd Street). For information about horses and trail user safety visit the what a horse sees website.

Helpful Resources

For more information please go to the Snohomish County website or call Snohomish County Parks at 425-388-6610.

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