What has been completed since voters approved Transportation Benefit Program?

When the Transportation Benefit Program was passed by the voters in 2013, Arlington streets were in horrible condition. The primary focus of the TBP was to repair and preserve the investment the community made into the City’s transportation system, and we made a great start on achieving that goal. 

Since 2013, the TBP has generated enough revenue to allow the City to restore 18.9 miles of City roads; some of this restoration was resurfacing and some really bad roads were fully reconstructed. But that’s not all. The City coordinated water, sewer and storm infrastructure improvements to be completed when we were performing street preservation work, this way the newly restored street will not be ripped up in 5-10 years to replace a water main or sewer main. In addition, the City also replaced every non-compliant curb ramp that bordered a restored road – that’s a total of 254 curb ramps.

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6. What has been completed since voters approved Transportation Benefit Program?
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