Why do we need to renew the Transportation Benefit Program now?

In 2013, Arlington’s citizens realized that there was insufficient revenue from gas tax, sales tax, and other traditional “street revenue” sources to keep up with maintenance and improvements needed for the community’s transportation infrastructure. The citizens voted to approve the TBP and the City began performing the necessary transportation maintenance and improvements. For the past ten years, the City has performed transportation preservation and maintenance projects needed to maintain a quality transportation system.

However, our job is not complete. The City needs the revenue generated by the TBP to not only continue transportation preservation and maintenance projects, but to complete neighborhood traffic calming projects, transportation safety improvements, and capacity improvements. The TBP sales tax is the one tool the State has given cities to generate revenue for these needed projects. Based on state regulations, a TBP has to be renewed every ten years by the voters, the Arlington vote is in February 2023.

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1. What can the Transportation Benefit Program fund
2. How is the Transportation Benefit Program funded?
3. Why do we need to renew the Transportation Benefit Program now?
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5. How much will it raise for transportation projects in Arlington?
6. What has been completed since voters approved Transportation Benefit Program?
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