My water pressure increased/decreased significantly, what do I do?

Most homes in this area have a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) located either in the house or in a vault outside. A PRV is part of your plumbing system and reduces the water pressure delivered to your to your home. As the PRV ages, it can begin to fail which is usually evident by either an increase or decrease in water pressure within the home. PRV failures can happen rapidly or slowly over time. It is strongly suggested that you inspect you PRV it to make sure it is still functioning, or hire a plumber to inspect the PRV.

View a brochure explaining PRV (PDF) and how it protects your plumbing fixtures. Failure to install a PRV or to inspect and adjust an existing PRV may cause damage to your plumbing fixtures. If you have any further questions about this increase/decrease in water pressure, please feel free to contact Arlington Public Works at 360-403-3526.

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1. My water pressure increased/decreased significantly, what do I do?
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