Complete Streets Demonstration Project 2021

Complete Streets Leadership Academy

In 2019, The City of Arlington was chosen to participate in the Washington Complete Streets Leadership Academy, along with Wenatchee and Airway Heights, WA.  Arlington's team consists of members from the City's Community Development, Public Works, Maintenance and Operations, and Community Outreach Departments, plus a City Councilmember, the Art Council president, and a Youth Councilmember. 

Smart Growth America offers the Complete Streets Leadership Academy as a technical assistance program designed to help jurisdictions identify and overcome barriers to implement Complete Streets, which make it safe and convenient for people of all ages, races, and abilities to walk, run, bike, or roll to reach homes, jobs, shops, and schools. Smart Growth America offers the technical assistance opportunity in partnership with the Washington State Department of Health and the Washington State Department of Transportation thanks to a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and support from the Transportation Improvement Board.

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June 2021 Demonstration Project

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Smokey Point
Corridor Plan 

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Demonstration Project - We need your input!


Goal: To improve pedestrian safety by increasing awareness, reducing speeds, and reducing crossing width.

  • Great opportunity to test out new ideas
  • Build trust and support with community for safer streets
  • Let the community lead the way

Location: Smokey Point Blvd. at 180th Street NE.

Timeline: Collect community input - May and June, 2021; Install demonstration - Project July, 2021

Citizen Input

We are currently creating an information flyer and survey for the public and will be asking: 

What is the identity of the Smokey Point neighborhood?
What would help increase walking and biking in this area?
If painted walkways were included, what would you like to see? Examples geometric, certain colors, flowers, etc.
If we did a volunteer event would you be interested? Painting street, planting planters?

Example of Demonstration Project

demo project sample

Demonstration Project Plan


Smokey Point Blvd.

smokey point map complete streets