Event Bingo & Participation Prizes!

Directions:  Mark out the activities you complete. Sketch or journal your experiences.
If you complete all the spaces in the bingo card, you can enter to win prizes. 


If you complete the full EAGLE Bingo Card, you can enter to win prizes, including a $300 gift card for the North Cascade Institute at Diablo Lake, this could be used for an overnight stay or activities including kayaking (sponsored by North Cascade Institute and Stillaguamish Tribe). 
Other prizes include Yeti water bottles, birdfeeders, nature books, and outdoor gear. These prizes are sponsored by Stillaguamish Tribe.

Due:  End of day, February 14.

Enter to Win Prizes: Take a photo of the worksheet (bingo Sheet) and your eagle journal below and to enter to win prizes! 
Prizes are sponsored by the Stillaguamish Tribe.

Click here to enter

eagle bingo
eagle journal