Arlington Fire Station Construction Project

PAS CA-Fire Station 48-FIN 17w

(8-14-2020) The City is in the process of constructing a new fire station (Station 48). The project consists of constructing a two-story fire station. The Project is located at the corner of 51st Avenue N.E. (Airport Boulevard) and 43rd Avenue NE Arlington. The Architect’s estimate for the project is $4.8 million excluding sales tax. The contractor is HB Hansen Construction, Inc. with bid of $3,690,000.

 It is the intent to have the work completed within 360 consecutive calendar days from ground breaking,  by mid-September 2021.


In the fall of 2008 the City of Arlington leased a vacant warehouse space and built it out to be a temporary fire station (Station 48). The lease agreement will expire,  the property owner has plans to utilize the entire space for his construction company.