About the Cascade Industrial Center

About the Cascade Industrial Center

The Cascade Industrial Center (CIC) is a hub of industrial activity that is the second-largest Manufacturing-Industrial Center in Snohomish County. The Cascade Industrial Center received its regional designation as one of only 10 manufacturing industrial centers in Puget Sound region, and one of two in Snohomish County.

The Cascade Industrial includes a total land area within the MIC boundaries of 4,019 acres, of which 57% is in Arlington and 43% lies in Marysville. Nearly 1,762 acres, or about 44%, of the Cascade Industrial Center land area consists of lands with the capacity for additional development, including partially-used sites, re-developable sites and vacant sites.

The CIC is located within regional economic centers, and is close to Paine Field and Interstate 5. State Routes 9, 531, and 530 connect the CIC directly to I-5. Given the nearby manufacturing hub centered on Boeing at Paine Field, plus the presence of relatively affordable housing, a large manufacturing workforce resides within easy access of the CIC. The CIC’s mix of large amounts of developable property and its proximity to transportation assets like the Arlington and Paine Field airports and the BNSF main line and spur, make it an attractive site for industrial activities.

Center of Excellence

As Snohomish County’s Hub for Manufacturing Innovation, the CIC supports a wide range of mechanized and technology-driven industries due to its distinctive and abundantly qualified advanced manufacturing workforce, smart manufacturing practices, and access to emerging platform technologies offered via a concentration of mechanical engineering, instrumentation and fabrication experts. We expect to add 20,000 more family-wage jobs in the CIC over the next decade, helping residents work close to home and boosting our local economy.

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Market Study

The cities of Arlington and Marysville jointly funded a Market Study for the Cascade Industrial Center which was completed in August 2016. A subarea plan was jointly developed by the cities of Arlington and Marysville and adopted in January 2019. Arlington Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center Subarea Plan.

The Manufacturing Resources Roadmap can help you identify the needs for your project, assess site feasibility, determine permit requirements and estimate costs and timelines.