Airfield Services

Glider Training

Ultralight Lessons

Flight Training



  • Arlington Flight Services: Jet A, 100LL
    Phone: 360-435-5700
  • Castle & Cooke Aviation: 100LL (24 hour self-serve / major credit cards accepted)
    Phone: 425-355-6600

Charter Operations

  • Gold Aero: Scenic flights, custom charters, weekend getaways, cargo and package transport, aerial observation, scattering of cremations, and electronic tracking
    Phone: 360-658-9700
  • Point to Point Air: On demand Air Taxi, charters, scenic flights and freight servicing; most any airport in the PNW, including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac)
    Phone: 425-530-5518

Aerial Photography / Banner Towing

  • GPS Surveying (Aerials) 206-909-5691
Airplane Flying

Aircraft Maintenance & Service

  • Aircore Aviation: Light sport aircraft inspection and repair
    Phone: 360-815-2512
  • Aviation Covers: Aircraft covers
    Phone: 360-435-0342
  • Para-Phernalia: Parachutes
    Phone: 360-435-7220
  • Cannon Avionics: Aircraft maintenance, avionics inspection and repair
    Phone: 360-435-0900
  • North Country Upholstery: Aircraft painting, structural, and composite repair
    Phone: 360-435-5882
  • Skye Aero: Aircraft inspections, repair, and overhaul
    Phone: 360-322-7761

Kit Planes Sales & Specialists

Pacific AeroSport


Hot Air Balloon Rides

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