Why does the city need a TBD now?

The City has about 126 road segments that are in failing or near failing condition because of insufficient revenue. Gas tax, sales tax, and other traditional “street revenues” have steadily declined to the point where we are faced with a sorely declining infrastructure and no way to pay for it. One tool the State has given cities is to create our own Transportation Benefit District to fund the repair and preservation of our roads.

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1. What Is a Transportation Benefit District (TBD)?
2. Why does the city need a TBD now?
3. So what projects will be completed at the end of the ten years?
4. How are road preservation and repair projects selected?
5. How are projects funded?
6. Who gets to vote on the sales tax proposal?
7. How much will this cost me?
8. Why should I support the Transportation Benefit District?
9. Are TBD revenues required to be spent only on TBD projects?
10. Who do I contact if I have more questions?