Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update

(September 2020) The City of Arlington has hired Beckwith Consulting to update the City’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan. One of the first steps is to receive input from city residents. A postcard was mailed to city residents with a link to take the online survey. This is an opportunity for you to provide input on what is important to you and your family for park and recreation facilities and programs. If you are a city resident and would like to take the survey, email 

The need for an update to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and a Park Impact Fee study was discussed at the 2021 City Council Retreat. The plan will help the City understand where and if we are lacking in park space, what the community desires, and how to fund maintenance of existing and future park facilities.

A parks master plan allows the City to assess the current and future recreation needs, evaluate feasible options, develop a strategic action plan and budget.  The process will update our demographic projections, program and facility inventory, and demand and need projections.  We will also study park impact fees for new residential and commercial construction and a fiscal program with 6-year and 20-year projection and implementation plan.