Police Explorers

Is your teen interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, emergency services, or criminal justice?

The Arlington Police Department is looking for young men and women ages 14-21 to participate in a newly forming Arlington Police Explorers program. Anyone 14 years old must have completed 8th grade. Potential participants must be currently enrolled in high school or a higher learning establishment with a minimum GPA of 2.5 GPA is required. Exceptions can be made for those aged 18-21 on a case by case basis.

The Explorer Program will provide its members with training and experience needed to determine whether to pursue a career in law enforcement, emergency services, or criminal justice. Many members of local law enforcement agencies got their start as an Explorer.

Explorers have many opportunities to apply the training they receive. Members can volunteer at community events doing security work, directing traffic, fingerprinting small children, and assisting with crime prevention programs. Members also learn first hand how police do their jobs. Police officers and detectives with special skills are invited to meetings to explain how the Arlington Police Department investigates cases.

What does an Explorer do in Arlington?

The City of Arlington has many events throughout the year for Explorers to work. The Explorers will be assisting with traffic control and street closures for parades during the year.  Fourth of July has many events, such as the Duck Dash, Pedal, Paddle, Puff event and fireworks will need Explorers.  There are also car shows, street fairs and other events. The Explorer program will be a vital function to assist the Police Department and City. 

Explorers are also able to ride with officers to learn firsthand what the job entails.  They will also assist the officer with basic investigations and when needed for other duties.  Explorers will be used for search and rescue, evidence search and recovery along with traffic control during major events.

The Explorer will also have the opportunity to go to a basic academy, an advanced Explorer academy and a mock police department academy that the state puts on twice a year. Explorers will have the opportunity to compete at events locally, regionally and nationally. Multiple times throughout the year different agencies put on events for Explorers to compete and use their training against other Explorer Posts. Trophies, medals and certificates are awarded at these events.  The purpose of these events are to show the hard work put into the training, teamwork, spirit of law enforcement, sportsmanship and just plain have fun.

The mock scenes during the competitions could include: traffic stops, felony traffic stops, burglaries, building searches, domestic calls, collision investigation, crime scene investigation and physical agility.

The Arlington Police Department may have weekly meetings that train Explorers in the above areas. During those meeting Explorers will go over upcoming events, past events and mock scene training. Explorers learn teamwork, leadership skills and the elements of law enforcement.

The Arlington Police Explorers Unit is a nonprofit organization; We will be putting on fundraisers to assist in the cost of Explorers going to academies, competitions, recruitment and equipment that the Post needs, as we are a small Post and our funds are limits for activities and training.

What are the qualifications?

  • Ages 14 (Graduated 8th grade) through 21 years
  • Enrolled in school in good standing (Age applicable)
  • GPA 2.5 or better
  • No criminal record
  • Interested in law enforcement
  • Physically able to do the duties
  • Minimal driving violations
  • Willingness to learn 
  • Willing to commit 16 hours a month or 40 hours in three months

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please contact Officer Mike Ellis or Officer Justin Olson at the Arlington Police Department via phone 360-403-3400 or via email: mellis@arlingtonwa.gov or jolson@arlingtonwa.gov