Public Works Projects

Current Arlington Public Works Projects

The 2020 Public Works Improvement Projects include projects at multiple locations in Arlington. These projects are currently in design or bidding.  The benefits of these projects include the upgrading of utilities to improve service and support new development; improving highways, arterials, and neighborhood streets; and addressing safety issues. To get information on specific projects please click on the links to the left to bring up the project page. 

 Traffic and Project Updates

  • 204th Street Roundabout construction to begin July 2020
  • 67th Ave Rail/Trail Crossing to begin soon
  • 2020 Utility Improvements & Pavement Preservation Project to begin soon
  • Manhole Cover and Valve Adjustments: Water valves, sewer, and stormwater manholes covers across Arlington will be adjusted to better match the grade of the surrounding roadway.

Snohomish County Projects

Washington State DOT Projects