Heritage Tree

Statement of Purpose

The goal of the Arlington Heritage Tree Program is to identify trees which are especially significant in establishing the character of our community, and to encourage preservation of these and other trees.

Nominating Criteria

Citizens are encouraged to nominate a tree (or trees) as a heritage tree based on criteria which may include age, size, beauty, history, shade, uniqueness, etc. All nominated trees must be healthy, and must be within the city limits of Arlington. The tree may be on private or public property. If on private property, the owner must agree to the heritage tree designation before it can be awarded.

Nomination Process

Nomination forms (PDF) can be downloaded here, return forms by email, fax at 360-403-4605, or in person at City Hall, Recreation, 238 N Olympic
Arlington, WA 98223

Arlington's 1st Heritage Tree

Arlingtons 1st Heritage Tree

American Elm, Ulmus Americana
540 French Street
Arlington, WA 98223

Selection Process

The Tree Board and the City Natural Resource Coordinator will review nominations every six months. If a tree is determined to be a heritage tree, a plaque will be installed near the tree (with the owner’s permission if on private property), and the following will be notified:

  • The person nominating the tree
  • The Mayor and City Council
  • The local newspaper

If the tree is not chosen, the person nominating the tree will be notified of this decision.

Helpful Resources

For more information call 360-403-3448.