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Community Airport Day, September 28, 2019

Calling All Pilots and Aircraft for Community Airport Day, Saturday, September 28th.

Community Airport Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. We would love to have your support in giving our youth a chance to experience aviation with a Young Eagles flight. We will be providing lunch and refreshments as well as a commemorative hat to all participating pilots.

The airport has put together many opportunities for the public to experience aviation first hand. What we need now is your help to volunteer with a Young Eagles flight or to simply display your aircraft on the ramp. Please respond to this post letting us know if you would like to participate in Community Airport Day or call the airport office 360-403-3470.

KAWO Frequency

The Arlington Municipal Airport CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) is 122.725.


We aspire to be Washington’s premier general aviation airport and a vibrant economic resource for the citizens of Arlington.


To support our vision, we will promote safe, professional airport operation through innovative community relations, responsible property management and effective administration.


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AWO Merchandise for Sale

Stop by the airport office to purchase your AWO gear!

  • T-Shirts - $20 in blue or green
  • Jackets - $40 in black or grey

For your convenience, electronic gate remotes are available for $40. Airport staff will program the remote with your requested airport gate locations.


Airport Businesses

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